Maandelijkse Archieven: januari 2016


Poike Stomps, Zeist 1977, the Netherlands, PdG_Poike-Stomps_A6flyer_v1-1graduated in photography BDES (2006) at KU Academy of Art Utrecht. Working as a social documentary
photographer in Amsterdam, exploring human behavior / interaction, working on long-term projects and assignments. He works in the fields of portrait, documentary, reportage and art photography.
He creates series exposing the way we handle death, about multicultural street life in Utrecht, on life on The Faroe Islands, or life with dementia. He captured the last 12 years of the life with his father. Besides this personal work he is working on project about shadows of passing airplanes, trying to catch the impact the phenomenon may have on people and animals.

Crossing Europe is a photo project where he travelled 42 European Countries and took pictures in each Capital City: of people crossing the street on busy intersections. Observing people, a small research on Europe, who we are, how similar and on what ways we are different from each other.
For more info about the project there is a project text available.

The book of this project was launched in November 2015 at the photo-festival Paris Photo. The book is available on his website but also sale at cafe De Gruyter.

Prints are available in a limited edition of 12. The cost of an imprint on display format, 50x 70 cm is € 490,- signed and with a book included. If a different format is required, please contact the photographer.
Tax v.a.t. is included

Twitter: @fransklosexpo

17 JANUARI 2016