Maandelijkse Archieven: mei 2016

A WALK INTO THE SEA – Marc Driessen

PdG_Marc-Driessen_website-beeldMarc Driessen, Amsterdam 1970, the Netherlands, studied portrait and documentary photography at the Amsterdam Photo Academy, where he graduated with honors in 2008.
His photography distinguishes itself through an honest, straightforward way of working, always looking for an unforced combination of form and moment.
In his subjects, Marc works from a connection with the street, looking for authentic people and their relation to their environment, sometimes at the edges of society but also with a deep interest in the multicultural aspects of our communities. Marc photographs his subjects with the ultimate goal of creating intimate and timeless images.


Off the Dutch coastline at the base of the Netherlands’ biggest steel factory, the North Pier branches out 1.8 kilometers into the sea. The long strip of rock and concrete hosts a raw mix of fishermen, surfers, locals and sea life.
This series is a documentation of life on the pier and the relentless presence of the North Sea at the edge of the country. The photographs were produced between fall 2015 and spring 2016.

A limited edition print box with 5 selected and signed fine art prints will be available for sale at Piet de Gruyter Amsterdam.