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One of the goals of higher education is to teach students to think independently and to instill in him the skills of scientific work. Therefore, each course (in some universities the exception is given to freshmen) is a small scientific work. It is called the exchange rate. This is not “great essay”, as some of the Studiosus.

You sure know how to write a term paper? In this article we will give you a clear manual for writing term papers, claiming to be “excellent”!

The preparatory phase

The choice of the teacher. With this step starts the writing course you are going to defend perfectly. First, each teacher – your range of interests, which depend on the topics of the course and diplomas. Second, teachers differ in the nature and degree of the g-distaste. If your supervisor is a tool to write a coursework “excellent” is almost impossible. But goats usually go to those who came to the Department for the theme at the finish.

So take care to select neutrala as early as possible. More about how to approach this issue, read the article “How to choose a scientific leader.”

The choice of the topic. Choice the student is provided, but not always something I can do. To begin with, as we have said, it is right to choose a scientific leader is one of those teachers whose topics course is closest to you. Then discuss with the teacher the topics that you can take for Corsica.

If you go to supervisor not a week before the defense, and at the beginning of the school year (or at least in the beginning of the second semester) and demonstrate your sincere interest, the adequacy of the brains, the normal teacher will review with you several options. It is best to take the teacher some of the time-out for a week or two to analyze information and think what is easier, harder, more interesting. At least in order to then not to suffer the question, “how to write term papers on this topic sidenote”!

Note that kurowicki, which are written on 3 – 4th year typically become chapters of the thesis. So think in perspective! The most intelligent students at the first and second year subject of the course chosen with a view to the diploma.

The study of General information. Encyclopedias, textbooks, dictionaries, a review article in the Internet (or at least Wikipedia) will allow you to broadly understand what is the exchange rate.

Do not ignore this step, otherwise make intelligible the plan do my assignment will not be easy. But to dig into the material on the ears is not worth it – maybe the teacher will make corrections to your plan requires you to focus on some questions and omit others.

Drawing up a plan. When you get a General idea about the topic of the course work, proceed with the preparation of the plan. More specifically, the plan must be two: short and bullet points. First make a short plan of writing a term paper, discuss it with the teacher. Then shall describe the plan in the thesis: to every paragraph – a paragraph or at least sentence: what are you going to write, what question will reveal. And again for the beloved neochrome. Better five times to rewrite the plan than once to rewrite the whole term paper!

Compiling a list of references. Most teachers tell major works that need to rely on when writing term papers (this is another reason to come to the consultation, and not immediately hand over to the research supervisor, the essay).

But usually, books that were advised by the teacher, is not enough. The student must carry out work on search of suitable literature. List of textbooks and encyclopedias will not fly (although they can also be omitted), the list should be research – articles in scientific journals, monographs.

Some departments require that the list of literature included works in foreign languages. Don’t try stupidly to paste in a list of hundreds of foreign names, tearing them from the notes to any monograph – several books and articles, but what exactly can you at least scroll through. Teachers are not mugs. You may ask: “where are you, my dear, found this rare edition in Italian, which refers Petrunkin-Razumovskaya? What colors say something?”.

Search of sources. This item is not required in all faculties, but some of them are mandatory. For example, historians as sources use of annals, Chronicles, memoirs, diplomatic documents, archival materials. Philosophers take essays brainy representatives of ancient and modern, from Aristotle and Kant to Sartre and Kierkegaard. Lawyers use the legal sources – the laws, decrees, constitutions, court decisions. Linguists – literary texts.

Do not confuse sources with literature! In the design of the course they are allocated separately.

If the requirements of the writing course in your field of expertise includes the sources, and you are limited to only the books and articles of researchers – you are not that “excellent” will not get, but “satisfactory” can not count.

Do I need to write the practical part, doing calculations and drawings? Be sure to find out this question at the first consultation. Not all departments have this requirement, but if there is something this part, asa rule, the most important. And the most problematic.

Especially many problems arise when writing the practical part of future teachers, psychologists, lawyers, economists, managers. The practical need to write, based on experiments, surveys, or practice at a particular enterprise. Here’s an ambush! One day it is even difficult to undertake the necessary measures, but still have to negotiate with the leadership of the object.

Reminder to students who use the services for writing term papers: if you want a real practical part, book work early. Studliner can write the theory in three days, and even during the day, but the practical part for the night will not make hastily.

Special requirements of the Department and instructor. In each hut their rattles. Be sure to find out if your academic supervisor special requirements for writing a term paper. How many students, bringing the lecturer ready corsac, fucking know that did not consider “most important”!

The collection of materials

Search strategy materials. So, the plan is approved, some of the literature teacher advised you. Now – with his head in the maelstrom of information? Yes, there can drown (or, conversely, wander in search of materials on the subject, which almost no one wrote).

First review the plan and abstracts – to submit, what information do you need to find. Then examine the list of sources and literature. Divide it into parts:

1) the flagship, from which you will tear off a large part of information;

2) auxiliary materials from which you’ll get a couple of quotes.

It is desirable that “flagship” was three to five. Loggerheads, the head of the foreign dissertations or by compiling a couple of articles, you are unlikely to receive the coveted “penny”.

Searching on the Internet. Active digitization of books, articles, theses and sources has led to the fact that the lion’s share of the “flagships” are searched easily in the network. Even, for example, be the scourge of students and historians as sources for the middle ages, for five years as a beach are not enthusiasts put everything you can find in Russian plus make new translations.

Many rare books that previously, students ordered via interlibrary loan or followed them to the Moscow library, also now is in the network. Needless to say, writing term papers and dissertations through the Internet is much simpler… And more complicated: because now you can’t just recopy or reprint copies – you need to bring the text to uniqueness. After all, what you see in the public domain – and sees the teacher!

And now burning a chip! Note the thesis, which now do not need to go in the dissertation hall. However, most of the dissertations are free to download. But the amount is small, and the head can be a great “leader”. Moreover, the uniqueness is absolute – it free of such material no. At the same time and insights you can… privatizirovat…

Work in libraries and archives. Alas, not all books and magazines can be found online. For example, due to piracy some new books can only be purchased. And the old can be nazipovna. And, of course, a “good” teacher will require that these materials have got in your coursework.

So don’t forget about the existence of the University, regional and national libraries – they are, oddly enough, still working. And main visitors are students.

And some students have to rummage through archives, old newspaper archives… This fate may befall, for example, a future historian (especially the Department of local history), journalist, lawyer. If you are of these poor fellows, and already looking at prices for writing term papers to order , not to delay the decision: studenter’ll have to dig in these archives. Such work three days are not written.

Translation of foreign materials. Your teacher believes that student is the term paper must contain references to foreign books and articles? Beast, what can I say. Well, that transfers the desired pages you can easily order from professionals, for example, Studente. Expensive? Well, then have to work myself: at least in General to understand the text and identify paragraphs that need to be translated. This will reduce your costs 5 – 10 times.

If you do not understand what there is scribbled, and I don’t know which pages contain useful information? It is obvious that the whole book will cost an unaffordable amount. So order your book, highlighting the most important thoughts on your subject.

Burning another chip! If lick of burzhuneta not yet translated material on your topic, you can not bathe with uniqueness. This is a super”leader”! The main thing – to find. Some students buy anywhere on Amazon books on your topic in foreign languages (those not found in free access) and encouraging the teacher well, just a brilliant course. The risk of sleep – minimum. Well, only if the teacher also bought a book…


Structuring and compiling the material. So, the material is collected. Now it needs to be stuffed in chapters and paragraphs. This step seems simple, but there is and its pitfalls. Some students, especially on younger courses, believe that the more information the better. As a result, in the exchange rate is 25 – 40 pagesit turns out more than a hundred.

No, gentlemen students, this is the wrong approach. You have to identify what’s most important: as they say, the most makuku. Material that gets into your coursework should reinforce your personal conclusions.

And one more thing: compile wisely. The teacher likely knows all your “flagship.” Why not siderite information pages. Swap materials. Better not even paragraphs at loggerheads, and to add a mosaic of sentences – from the line, hence the piece…

Footnotes. Do not leave the procedure of putting the footnotes at the last moment – can be confusing, and time will be wasted a lot. It is better to put the footnotes immediately: took it from a book or article piece of text, put a footnote. By the way, we recommend you to read the article about why we need footnotes .

The unique text. Thanks to the Internet to find information for writing term papers and dissertations is easier, but slept with plagiarism now I am. Most teachers require now work not only in printed but also in electronic form – to run the system Antiplagiat. So once you are there decompilable, start of unique text (how to do it – read the article “How to avoid plagiarism: 5 strategies” ).

The standard requirement is 70% uniqueness (30% neonica – citations and terminology). But the teacher can be personal requirements of uniqueness, which must be considered.

Insights, personal opinion. Most students write term papers as well as abstracts. It turns out that eating just a summary-the compilation, but the exchange rate is a little scientific work. So anyone who wants to write a coursework “excellent”, have brains, to think, to analyze the material. Each paragraph and each Chapter end with a personal conclusion on the topic. You can even need to debate with the authors who already wrote something on your topic (within the limits of adequacy, of course).

In General, the more independent conclusions than the original course work, the higher the chance to get “excellent”. And even to go with her to some scientific conference.

Providing a draft to the teacher and corrections. It is better to hand over the work parts, chapters, and even paragraphs. First, the teacher sees that you are working with. Secondly, you just can change course if screwed up. This item can be repeated many times. Although some teachers don’t like them too got, the majority welcome student activity.

Put it on your forehead! Work, immediately provided in the form of nauchruk will fill 99.9% of the time. If only he’s not really nihilists. At least from harm – what are you, my dear, never to the consultation was not? No respect, bitch?!

Writing the practical part

These steps may not be necessary – if you are studying at the faculty where the course is written without the practical part. If the practical part of the mandatory check out.

Agreement with the company in which you will conduct practical activities. It can be school, if you are a teacher or psychologist, if you are a student “of Hospitality and tourism”, the plant – if you are an economist, etc. Scientists working in the laboratories. Students comprehend the exact Sciences, may also require testing in the laboratory.

In any case, it is necessary first to arrange a visit and practical work on the subject. If you just come and say “Hello, I your aunt!”, you can send very far. And do not expect that you immediately will give the opportunity to do their research – is likely to set a date convenient to the management or supervisor.

Preparation of complex of practical measures. Before heading to the facility, prepare a plan of practical activities, experiments, or questions to the leadership. And it is highly desirable that all scientific supervisor is approved. You don’t want to carry out practical research the second time around?

The collection of materials. Well, it’s time for a little torture “experimental”. Or to conduct experiments in the laboratory. Proceed! Try to do everything on the conscience, to not have to suffer one more time-the other third.

Some students collect information for the practical part “from the bulldozer”. The strategy is common, but those who are going to write a term paper on “excellent”, to adhere to it should not be.

Processing of materials. At this stage you process all you got at the facility where carried out practical experiments, surveys or other scientific/pseudo-scientific work. Now it’s time for it to calculate, make graphs, tables, drawings or perhaps scribbled a business plan with recommendations…

Most importantly, the insights in the practical part must confirm your hypothesis, put forward in the introduction. Do not overdo the fitting of the data… Although, to be Frank, sometimes it is absolutely necessary. Try to make it look plausible (as they say, an honest man is he who does not come across). But it is better not to cheat.

The final stage of writing a term

The introduction and conclusion. Yes, these pieces of coursework are written last. Conclusion it is clear is the conclusions. Why introduction is also to write in the end? But becauseduring the writing course, (and especially in the process of working on the practical part) your hypothesis can be disproved. In this case you will put forward a new hypothesis, the corresponding conclusions Yes, it is, strictly speaking, cheating, but cheating is legalized.

Goals, objectives – all must be linked to findings in the conclusion. Therefore, these two parts of the course, its “framing”, are written in parallel. Since the exchange rate may redraw several times, it makes no sense to write the introduction.

Interestingly, for most students, the introduction and conclusion were the most difficult pieces of work, whereas for professional studenters is the lightest. Why? Because of the rivet pattern!

It cablanasian part of the course that are not even written so much, how many are prepared according to strict requirements, which is a lightweight requirements for the introduction and the conclusion of the diploma thesis. Understanding this pattern for the lower classes, you simplify the process of writing the thesis.

Design. You need to figure out not only the rules of formatting the cover page, but many other nuances: how to decorate the tables, formulas, applications, etc. most of the rules apply to all students, but his troubles with the design of the individual parts of the work may be on a particular Department.

The list of references, footnotes, table of contents, appendices, numbering. Now carefully arrange the books and articles alphabetically (by last name), given requirements. The sources are usually allocated separately (and can be divided into groups). Not to worry about numbering, use the auto lists in the “Ward”.

Remember: initials are separated by spaces! Common mistake. Wrong: Ivanov I. I. Correct: Ivanov I. I.

As for the footnotes, we have already been told not to leave their stamp in the end.

The application delivers to the end (these pages are not numbered). Do not forget about the table of contents. Create a title page. Almost ready!

Proofreading, checking of footnotes. The fewer mistakes and typos will be in the course – the more favorably you will be the teacher. In serious work, claiming the appreciation that mistakes are unacceptable.

That’s all… almost. Because the assessment for the coursework, particularly at the undergraduate level, is defense. But that’s a topic for another article – how to protect exchange rate at five points . However, if you have faithfully carried out these 25 points, five almost in your pocket – 90%.

And easier can?

. If these 25 steps on the path to a great course seem too daunting, order the work to studenterna . But note: if you are applying for a high rating, most will still have a little bit, but to work hard. Even if you order the course studenter, try to perform the first 8 steps.

In addition, to obtain high scores will have to look to the supervisor with the draft. We recommend you to get acquainted with the tips how to order course to get a great result!

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